24HPC 2014 Budapest 21-23 March - puzzle set authors needed

24HPC 2014 Budapest 21-23 March - puzzle set authors needed

Postby okospali » Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:58 pm

Hello Everybody,

After 1,5 years break, the 24 Hour Puzzle Marathon will be held again in Budapest, 21-23 March, (Hotel Amadeus).
This year I have been given the honour of managing the authoring process for the puzzles (application, transport, accomodation matters goes to Gyorgy Istvan as usual).

As you may know this contest consists of 13 rounds (100 minutes each), but 14 puzzle sets are needed (as in every round the author and some other puzzlers will solve the 14th set).

Traditionally we always try to invite puzzle-makers from all over the world to participate on the contest and/or prepare a puzzle set. We acknowledge the sets of the well-known puzzle-makers but this is also an opportunity for new authors to introduce and try themselves.

A good puzzle set contains a fine mixture of various logic puzzles, ranging from very traditional and well-known puzzles through variations and specialities to complete novelties,
and they are also supposed to vary on difficulty. Traditionally, a single set is typically created by one author but we've seen instances of two designers co-operating to put their
puzzles together into a single set, or even three or more people can co-operate, but in this case I will ask one of them to act as a single point of contact towards me and manage
their puzzles as if he would be a single author in the first place.

As I am more than content with the criteria set up by Zoltan Nemeth for the previous 24HPC, you can find more details in the starting post of the following link.

So, if you are interested to provide a set of puzzle (or a half) then contact me (pal dot madarassy at gmail dot com).
If you want to participate on the contest then you have to contact Georgie (or check the contest's facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/events/247785822055351/ )

In case of positive answer I will be quite happy to receive sets by 3rd March.

If interested please email me as soon as you can. If you are not sure yet, or if you need more information to decide, please tell me about your concerns and I will try to help working through them.

Many thanks

Pal Madarassy
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