Cartoon illustrated mazes from MazeToons

Cartoon illustrated mazes from MazeToons

Postby mazetoons » Wed Jan 27, 2016 2:52 pm

Hello all,
My name is Joe Wos. I am a cartoonist and master maze maker. I created the record setting world's largest hand-drawn maze. My mazes are unique in that they integrate cartoon illustrations directly into the maze. They are a fully solvable component of the maze.
They have a wide variety of difficulty.
As puzzlers I thought you might enjoy the challenge! You can view them online at on facebook at mazetoons and on [url][/url]
I have included a sample. In solving the mazes you may go through fields of color and transitions but may not cross any black lines. Good luck and enjoy. There are many many more on my site and I upload new content daily.
I would love for mazes to begin being included in your puzzling events. I would be happy to create and donate mazes especially for that purpose.
My mazes are also syndicated to newspapers worldwide by Creators Syndicate. If it does not run in your local newspaper I encourage you to email them asking them to carry it.

I look forward to joining the discussion on puzzles here and hope my contributions as a puzzle artist will add a new perspective to the conversations.
Thank you,
Joe Wos
Alice in Wonderland Maze
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