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Here are some suggestions for WPF officials (director + board). Nothing new, just old ideas, but as we don't see anything coming, it is worth to write this somewhere:

  • a) website update:
    Remove the inactive puzwiki link.
    Homepage: fill the google calendar with WPF events, remove latest video section or see point d), publish the news in the news section.
    Championships pages: if ASC is not a WPF event, remove it from WSC's, if it's a WPF event, then see point k). Update the championships pages since 2016: team photos, top10 ranking, downlable complete results
    Links page: update it
    Structure of WPF and contact page: write what is the role of each board member (dicastery).
  • b) Is a new website planned? This one is old, not responsive.
  • c) Publications of GA minutes: please publish the GA minutes of year X before the end of year X.
  • d) Youtube account: make some professionnal quality videos: reportages, interviews, explanation of what are WSC and WPC, etc...
  • e) Guidebook: update it each year after the WSC/WPC. Some things are not working in the text: for example "Points will be awarded only for 100% correctly solved puzzles." what would be very bad for a round like tredoku (WSC 2016). This document should at least reflect the reality...
  • f) Collect feedback of players after each WSC and each WPC, and do a summary for the next year's organizer. (Last year, a new format was tried without playoffs. What thought the players about this new format? I've had some negative feedback concerning WSC 2017 from some players, I hope you heard about it, too...)
  • g) Seeking for sponsors: publish a report each year of what has been tried and what has been achieved.
  • h) Promotion of WPF in non-member countries: Who is in charge of that? publish a report each year. What has been done, which countries, etc...
  • i) Press coverage, visibility of WPF event in the media: Who is in charged of that? be more active and publish a small report each year in the newsletter.
  • j) Discussions within the board during the year: if it doesn't lead to a decision on a subject: publish and archive a summary of the discussions.
  • k) fairness in WPF competitions: remove name of director and board members from ranking of WPF competitions during the period they're active.
  • l) GP website: it has been discussed on the GP forum, plan and do some improvements each year.

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Re: Suggestions

Postby Fred76 » Tue May 22, 2018 10:33 am

How can I be sure that the previous post has been read by board members and director?

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