WPF Fact checking

WPF Fact checking

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One year after WPF meeting 2017, let's do some honest fact checking based on minutes 2017 published on the WPF website: http://www.worldpuzzle.org/archive/gene ... utes-2017/
green means "ok", red means "not ok", orange means "not completely ok" and blue means that we have to wait to see if it'll ok in the future.

Sudoku Description

Issue: Should the WPF define what a Sudoku is for purposes of WPF competitions?

Decision: The Board finalized a plan to appoint a panel to prepare Sudoku guidelines. Volunteers will be invited at the open General Assembly (GA). The panel should have three to five members, with a leader responsible for mediating the discussion and following a deadline set by the Board. They must submit a proposal by the end of March 2018. The Board will discuss it. If it is accepted, it will serve as a guide for future WSC hosts and as rules for the Sudoku Grand Prix (GP) beginning in 2019.

Tangential discussion: While discussing the composition of Sudokus in competitions, there was a discussion about 0 scores in the WSC and whether the WSC should be more accessible to less expert solvers.
“What Is a Sudoku?” Panel

Will announced the Board’s decision to appoint a panel to discuss Sudoku guidelines, and he asked for volunteers. Arvid Baars of the Netherlands, Wei-Hwa Huang of USA, George Wang of China, and Matus Demiger of Slovakia volunteered. The panel was made official.

The panel was asked to prepare an interim report by the end of January, with a final report by the end of March. The panel's proposal will be published on the WPF Forum, with feedback invited from members, before the Board decides whether or not to accept it.

panel has been constitued but report has not been done. Seems to be a serious lack of communication between wpf board, director and the panel. The reasons of fail is not known (perhaps known from board and director, but they didn't communicate on that subject).
Conclusion: <FAIL>
Can I note that the reason the WPF needs something on this subject is that when you ask the WPF board if WSC is a sudoku competition, the answer is not the expected one, which makes the whole thing pretty ridiculous...

Scoring Software

Issue: The WPF has paid a third party to create scoring software, which was used in 2016 at the World Sudoku and Puzzle Championships (WSPC) in Slovakia. Afterward the software stopped working, and the programmer has been unresponsive even after repeated efforts from Vitezslav and Prasanna.

Decision: Hans said that since the WPF paid for the software, we should get either the source code for it or a refund. If we get the source code, we can ask someone within the puzzle community to help fix the software and improve it. As the programmer is in the Czech Republic, which is hosting the 2018 WSPC, it was suggested that the 2018 WSPC hosts might be able to help.

results of WSC/WPC 2016 are available again, so it seems ok. Needs confirmation next week during WSC/WPC (software should be used).
Concusion <OK>

Puzzle GP 2018

Issue: How can the WPF encourage casual solvers to participate in the Puzzle GP, with puzzles that are simple enough to entice them, while still challenging the more expert solvers?

Decision: The Puzzle GP should have one set of puzzles, with rankings for different categories of solvers. The puzzle difficulties should range from very easy with simple rules to the more difficult WPC-level puzzles. The requirement to include very easy puzzles in the GP, and to follow the submission deadlines set by the Puzzle GP Director, should be strictly adhered to. If not, the WPF reserves the right to forgo payment for the round and/or remove the authors’ names from the GP booklets. This plan is to be discussed with the Puzzle GP Director, Wei-Hwa Huang, before finalizing it.

Rules have been changed according to this, but the ranking for categories B and C is missing, only ranking for category A is published.
Conclusion: <NOT OK>

Proposals for the future: There was discussion about exploring a rolling ratings system, as practiced by Logic Masters India, for the GP. This would encourage solvers to compete and climb in the ratings. The playoffs would still exist but as a separate final for the year. The big concern was that this might provide added incentive for participants to cheat. Measures to prevent cheating were discussed. Since these changes can all be implemented only with changes to the GP website, Karel Tesar will be added to this discussion at a later date.

Big changes for next year on the GP website? Is there someone optimistic?

Closed WSPC Websites

Prasanna noted that some past WSPC websites have become inactive following their respective championships, and the information on them has been lost. Prasanna proposed putting more content from past championships on the WPF website. He asked for hosts to work with him to do this. Meanwhile, inactive links will be removed from the WPF site.

Nothing was done. Inactive links still are the same. We have far less informations concerning championships since Prasanna is director (even names of World Champions, nobody would find them on the WPF website).
Conclusions <FAIL>


Scheduling & format: Jan Novotny discussed problems with the scheduling of the GPs in 2017, with cancellations and rescheduling, making it difficult for players to participate.

Will explained proposals from the Board to help alleviate these problems. The Puzzle GP will consist of one set of puzzles, which would lessen the burden on authors. This would then make it reasonable for the WPF to impose stricter deadlines on authors and set repercussions if the deadlines are not met.

Will explained further that each set would still test different skill levels and categories at once, rather than doing this through different puzzle sets.

There was no schedule problem this year at the GP, but some issues concerning delayed preliminary result have been discussed on the GP forum and some of them have already been fixed (results seems to be either -published within a reasonable time (division A) -never published (division B and C).

David proposed the formation of a WPF Puzzle Club, releasing a certain number of puzzles each week, for leisurely solving and submission. Under the proposal, each set would be active for submission for one week, with no time limit, so that newer solvers have ample time to solve them. Will said the Board will consider this idea.

A WPF puzzle club next year?

New WPF Website

Prasanna noted problems with the current website, in terms of operation, promotional possibilities, and other things. The Board approved the need for a new site, and Gareth suggested a wordpress domain, so that operations would become easier.

I hesitate between blue (it takes some time to create a new website) and red (nothing has been done so far?)
Let's say blue and if there no new website next year, I was wrong (it is red).

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