"What is a sudoku?" committee

"What is a sudoku?" committee

Postby Fred76 » Thu Nov 15, 2018 1:25 pm

Tom Collyer made an announcement on his facebook wall concerning the next committee in charged of answering the question: "What is a sudoku?"
He kindly suggested that I may be interested to contribute to it.
That's right, I may be interested, but first I have a few questions for the WPF board:

  • For which reason wpf board think there is a need of this committee and a need of a definition of sudou? (just to be sure the reasons are not very different as mine).
  • In which way the report will be used?
  • What could be the reasons so that wpf board doesn't accept the report? (based on 2017 GA minutes, it is said that the board will discuss the report and can accept it or not).

Please, the people in the wpf who is in charge of reading this forum, communicate these questions to the board and answer them so that I can decide if I want to do some volunteer work the wpf.

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