Hns Eendebak

Hns Eendebak

Postby WPF » Wed Feb 06, 2019 1:31 pm

This topic is to remember a valuable member of the Puzzle Community, Hns Eendebak. Hns passed away due to illness on January 12, 2019. The news was shared to the members, and we are gradually sharing it on more platforms.

There is a small message on the WCPN website, about Hns's passing.

Here are some more details about Hns, as shared by WCPN Chairman Rene Gilhuijs:
Hns was founder and member of the board of The Dutch Puzzle Association
WCPN. Since 1993 Hns has been the face of the Dutch logical puzzle
community. He was a puzzle maker, who invented puzzles like Star Battle,
Neighbours and Battleships, he was the captain of the Dutch teams that
participated in the WPC en WSC for many years since 1993, he organized
the WPC twice and was member (secretary) of the board of the WPF until 2017.

Hns fought a long battle against a terrible illness. A battle he lost
last week. His early death is a tragedy for his family and a great loss
for the Dutch puzzle community. We will all miss him immensely.

We have already received many kind words, from WPF Members, like the WPF Chairman and Board, and puzzlers from Korea, Japan, the UK, Uruguay, India, the USA, China and Serbia, and the messages will be passed on to Rene.

We at the WPF also wish to convey our deepest condolences to Hns's family, friends and the members of WCPN.
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