WPC/WSC 2012 -- Music too loud at closing dinner

WPC/WSC 2012 -- Music too loud at closing dinner

Postby onigame » Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:58 pm

I felt that the music at the closing dinner at WPC/WSC 2012 was too loud. It was very difficult to have a conversation with someone sitting next to me.

I asked several other teams whether they agreed and they said yes.

I tried multiple times to tell Walter to get the band to turn down the volume of their music, but although he seemed to talk with the band leader, there was no apparent difference made.

The WPC closing dinner is a last chance to talk with many friends from the WPF whom one may not see for another year or two. It is not the right opportunity for a band to show off how they have great music. The WPC should not be the same as a rock concert.

If you were there you may recall that there was difficulty finding me at the awards. This is because I was taking the long trip back to my room to look for earplugs.

I hope that if there are any guidelines ever written for future WPC/WSCs, that something like this be taken into account. It feels like every WPC/WSC tries their own new things and very few lessons are learned from one WPC to the next.
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Re: WPC/WSC 2012 -- Music too loud at closing dinner

Postby Iris » Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:53 pm

I totally agree with you.
I ask several time too to turn down the music, expecially because we were on one of the nearest table to the band!
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