8. Media

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8. Media

Postby WPF » Thu Oct 15, 2015 12:40 pm

This is a discussion about the section 8. Media contained in the WPF guidebook that you can download here:
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Re: 8. Media

Postby Fred76 » Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:00 am

I would suggest to add something in the text like:

...The organiser makes all his effort to introduce the championship to national media and invite them to cover the event

This year, honestly, I have to say that the media coverage is catastrophic. For curiosity purpose, I searched for "Kota Morinishi" in the recent googlenews and found only one link: http://www.infovercelli24.it/2015/10/14 ... hetti.html

It's important for many purpose, of course popularizing the discipline, but also if some federation is searching for sponsorship to send teams in WSC/WPC, how can they convince the potential sponsors if from outside the World Championship looks like the "tournament of annual meeting of WPF members"?
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