New Puzzle Cubicks

New Puzzle Cubicks

Postby Marcelo Pars » Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:24 am

Dear Puzzlers,

I made a new puzzle game and I would appreciate your opinion. The concept of the puzzle is so simple and basic, that it surprises me that the game does not already exist. So my first question to you is: Have you ever seen the game (or something like it) before?
I named the game CUBICKS and it looks a bit like a modern type of SUDOKU. But this SUDOKU is in 3D so you can’t play it on a piece of paper, you can only play it on a smartphone or a tablet. First I’ll show you a picture of the start of the game here, so you can decide if it is interesting for you:


What you see is a large cube made of 56 small cubes. Most of the cubes are grey, but by tapping on them you can change the colour from grey to red to yellow to green and to blue. You can turn the large cube in all directions you want. Now the goal of the puzzle is to colour all the cubes in such a way that every row and every column contains 4 different colours. The end result looks like this:


If you are interested you can download CUBICKS from the different stores (Apple App store, Google Play store or Windows Game store) and there is also a free version, called CUBICKS FREE. You can also go to the website http://www.cubicks.comif you like.
The app contains 1000 games devided in four levels from easy to evil. But I have to warn you that also the easy ones are not that easy. At least that is the comment I got so far from family and friends. So please don’t feel stupid because you have difficulty solving an easy one. But my second question is: What does a Puzzler like you think of the level easy?

What also surprises me is that the “evil” puzzles are realy very difficult. In fact I can’t solve any of them without making a guess. So my question is: Do you see “rules” with which you can solve the evil puzzles without guessing?

But in general I’m also very curious what you think of the game and I would very much appreciate your comment.

Kind regards

Marcelo Pars
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